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One in, One Out Method

I love shopping, and I love clothes. Dresses and books have always been a weakness of mine. I have way too many books and probably way too many clothes. In the last few years, I have adopted the "one in, one out" method. What is the "one in, one out" method? After you purchase an item, you remove a similar item from your home. You can remove an item from a different category, but I have noticed that it works much better when the items are from the same category. This is one of the many rules I give myself while shopping. Other ones include creating a shopping list and adding items I want but waiting a month to see If I still am interested in the item weeks later. I find the one-in, one-out method the most helpful of all the rules. It decreases clutter, overbuying, and overconsumption. Try it and see how you like it!

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